Michael Mayr is cooperating with various network partners.
Some of them are listed here.


Dr. Dieter Steberl (Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France)

As business mediator and with many years of experience in dealing with national and international companies, especially in the financial services industry, Dr. Steberl supports in finding self-responsible and sustainable conflict solutions within the company or between companies.

Through his extensive technical and linguistic (business fluent in French, English and German) knowledge, a high quality support is guaranteed.
Dr. Steberl is based in Luxembourg and also has responsible functions in Legal & Compliance and holds various board mandates in fund companies.

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Personality, MBA, (international)

This personality has been working for many years as a consultant, mediator and negotiator. After studies, among others, at London Business School, international banking activities and as CFO in various companies, she currently supports corporate owners, top performers in public institutions, board members and foundation directors in personal and economic development.

Language skills in Mandarin as well as business fluent in English, French and Japanese English complete the skills and abilities.

For reasons of client protection, the name of this personality is not published here. She is based in Austria.

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Personality, CFA, (international)

With over 10 years of experience in Corporate Finance, M&A transactions and restructurings, this personality supports you in national and international investment and reorganization decisions. Qualifications in Asset Management (CFA) as well as taxation guarantee high-quality support.

Past activities in North and South America have formed a global network. Extensive language skills (business fluent in English and Spanish) complement the skills and abilities. This personality is based in Germany.

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Equity for Innovation (Austria)

Among other things, Thomas Lederer supports you in: Entrepreneurial design of the company, technology management, drafting of grant applications.